Action Day for a Better Internet

The 7 February Action Day joins the global Safer Internet day call to ‘Be the change: Unite for a Better Internet!’

Making internet a safe and engaging space for children and youth has been a driving force behind the work of the many partners in the campaign, including Better Internet for KidsInsafe and INHOPE networks and Safer Internet Centres.

The No Hate Speech Movement mobilises young people to promote democracy and human rights online. The manual Bookmarks on combatting hate speech through human rights education has been a valuable tool for educators and youth workers to support young people in their efforts to denounce hate speech and make Internet a better space for all.


The Action Day for Better Internet aims to promote human rights education as a means to promote human rights and democratic culture online among children and youth

The action day objectives include to:

  • strengthen the competences of youth to act for human rights and democratic culture though human rights education, including the manual Bookmarks
  • empower youth to report cyberbullying and hate speech or denounce it online through counter and/or alternative narratives
  • collect inspiring practices of using human rights education to mobilise children and youth for a better internet, denouncing hate speech, including through counter and/or alternative narratives
  • promote education towards reporting dangerous hate speech through national reporting mechanisms and on social media platforms

Recommended Actions

Action 1
We will post/tweet Featured Questions at every hour 7 minutes on the 7th February on the Facebook Page of the Movement and on Twitter #nohatespeech
Action 2
We are collecting personal stories of young people regarding online hate speech and cyberbullying that will be published on the 7th February on the No Hate Blog.
Action 3
In order to support education for Internet literacy we selected 2 exercises from the educational manual Bookmarks that teachers/youth workers can implement with young people on the action day: Confronting Cyberbullying and Our Rights Online
Action 4
The Movement activists produced Online Educational Tools and awareness raising content to improve Internet literacy and democracy online: cyberbullying, online safety and identifying fake news. You can share this content on social media. Educational Memes, Hints for Recognizing Fake News Online, DOs and DON’Ts for Online, Competences for Democratic Culture Online
Action 5
We invite people to flag online hate speech and cyberbullying to the Hate Speech Watch.
Action 6
We invite young people and campaign activists to support young people in uploading their picture to the No Hate Chain.
We are also supporting the Thunderclap action of Safer Internet Day and share information on national actions during the preparatory period and we will cooperate with the main organizer closely by sharing eachother’s content actively.

Recommended offline actions:

  • Run a Human Rights Education activity from educational manuals: Bookmarks, Compass, Compasito, Mirrors, Gender Matters
  • Hold a meeting or organise an event with regional or national representatives to discuss how to strengthen Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education
  • Events to raise awareness of national mechanisms available to children and youth to report cyberbullying, hate speech and hate crime

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