Our values

Concerned about the growth of manifestations of xenophobia, racism and related intolerance; alarmed by the visible presence of Hate Speech on Internet, the spread of extremist groups and incidents against immigrants, Roma people, Muslims, Jews, homosexuals and other minorities; dismayed by the recent criminal acts in Oslo, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and France among others, which have as their motivation in “the other’s hate”, request:

1.- To European Governments and bodies: the implementation of the Framework Decision of Criminal Law against Racism and Xenophobia adopted by the Council of the European Union.

2.-The closure of websites and other expressions of Cyberhate and ban and brought to justice groups and neo-Nazi and racist organizations, as well as those who contribute to its activity and support.

3. – The recognition of the specificity of “hate crime” under the criteria adopted by the Council of Foreign Ministers of the OSCE (Maastrich. December 2003) and the establishment of “Statistics” of these events which allow to track and develop a European policy appropriate criminal in all countries of the European Union .

4. – The claim to all Governments of the Union to develop Special Prosecutor’s Office, legal tools and specialized police in hate crimes to enable an effective action against this crime.

5. – The recognition of hate crimes victims in all countries of the European Union, their remembrance, claims of justice and right to repair, and support for their associations and solidarity organizations.

6. – The boost in all countries of the European Union of Integrated Plans for prevention and eradication of racism, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance.

Finally, We request to the European Parliament proclaiming July 22th as the Day of Hate Crime’s Victim in remembrance and solidarity with the victims of the massacre in Oslo by the terrorist who killed 77 people motivated by hatred towards intercultural society.