European Elections 2014

2014 will be a crucial year for the European Union. We will attend the first ‘quasi- presidential’ elections, as the chairman of the Commission will come out from the most voted group, and there will be something quite similar to a European election campaign with visible and high political profile candidates. The Social Democratic group has already announced his candidate, Martin Shultz, current President of the chamber.

It will also be an important year because we will see if right-wing forces in parliament increase their power as forecasts estimate, the magnitude and what their political influence will be to condition decisions; if their presence will contaminate the general discourse and therefore the security of the most vulnerable groups living with us will be weakened.

For this reasons, we have decided to dedicate a special section on this site to analyze information concerning the electoral process. As activists we know that history is not written and that civil society committed against racism and for human dignity can make their voices to be heard and safeguard the values ​​of tolerance that make our Union.

In the 2014 Elections section we will upload all the information about this process to identify the harmful ultra and far-right messages, and share good practices around Europe to assert the values ​​of our bill of Rights.