Ponsati and Puigdemont mocking madrid victims of Coronavirus. Hate crime office reported by MCI.

The message that the independent fugitive and MEP, Clara Ponsatí, published yesterday on her Twitter account, and retweeted the also fled from justice, the former president of the Catalan autonomous government, Carles Puigdemont, may have legal consequences.
Esteban Ibarra, president of the Movement Against Intolerance (MCI), has told Confilegal that he has brought him "to the attention of the Supreme Court's hate crimes Prosecutor to act."
In this case, the High Court would be competent since Ponsatí is a MEP and, therefore, has a degree.
“We consider that this lady's tweet, 'From Madrid to Heaven', published at a time when, in the capital of Spain, 281 people had already died from the coronavirus, fits perfectly into article 510.2 of the Penal Code . Because it damages the dignity of Madrid residents for an ideological reason in a context of extraordinary gravity. The Community of Madrid is very shocked, "adds Ibarra.
From his point of view, what Ponsatí has ​​done “is to stigmatize the people of Madrid, laugh at them and, in turn, make fun of our drama, which is the dead, and show a great gesture of solidarity with the citizens of Madrid. We are having a very bad time. "
About Puigdemont, Ibarra considers that “retweeting that message has no name. And it did not help if they later deleted the it tweet ’. They have been portrayed as human beings. They have clearly shown their moral character. ”