Jewish and Arab children scream for peace in Haifa

On Sunday night, at half-time during the match between Israel and Bosnia in Haifa, Kick it Out Israel held a special ceremony featuring Jewish and Arab children and a screening of the video clip we produced with the IFA (which has gone viral with hundreds thousands viewers inIsrael alone). Following the screening, the players featured in the screening came out onto the field to release the banner and balloons (see picture) into the air. The main stars of the ceremony, though, were the Arab and Jewish children featured in the film. There were 32,000 spectators in the stadium, including the Israeli President, Prime Minister, and Finance Minister. The aim of the ceremony was to promote a message of shared society, mutual respect, tolerance, and anti-racism. The situation in Israel has been extremely difficult over the last few weeks – just this morning four people were murdered in a Jerusalem synagogue – and so it’s really important that initiatives like this get as wide an exposure as possible. The Hebrew and Arabic text on the banner in the picture reads “We’re all equal – we’re all one team.” I hope you enjoy the photos and that your initiatives are going well.